This series of work has been made possible with grants from Greater Jackson Arts Council, Mississippi Arts Commission, and Six Degrees Consortium.


Tangier, 1880
5" x 7"
Natural dyes, colored pencil, ink, gouache, and 
watercolor on historical postcard and rag board.
Morocco Adorned is a new body of work that is evolving in my apartment studio, located in the heart of Marrakech's medina.  The series incorporates photographic images with a variety of media including watercolor, gouache, ink, colored pencils  and natural dyes. Some of the images originated in my camera lens and others are from monotone postcards provided by Maison de la Photographie here in Marrakech. I have hand tinted these exquisite historical photos that provide a window into the past of this marvelous country, and my images portray life in Morocco today.

The double-sided accordion books are 30" x 7" when fully extended and 5" x 7" when closed. The images are mounted on 300 pound, 100% watercolor paper and rest easily on a flat surface. Each may be fastened closed with cord that wraps around the book and is secured with a Moroccan coin. The singular images are all 5" x 7", and are mounted on 100% rag mat board. Email me at lorikgordon@gmail.com for pricing and availability.
Accordion Book: Then and Now

Accordion Book: Then and Now details

Accordion Book: Old Morocco

Old Morocco details